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Who We Are

Sound Awake is a progressive music management and production company, specializing in all aspects of music making, like festival and artist management, concept development, creative direction, strategic marketing of events, and production. We manage every aspect of an event, including concept, creatives, design, direction, artist bookings, contract negotiation, strategic marketing/publicity, onsite and supplier management, budget management, sponsorship co- ordination, and event delivery.

Concept Development & Creative Direction

Sound Awake is passionate about developing high quality music events. We take an event from an initial thought to a reality, and manage the brand continuity and direction. We also develop and manage the creative direction of the event. Sound Awake has written the creative programs for The Mighty Rock Union, Insurrection, Boombox Sundays, Freewheel Rollin’ and several college festivals.

Our Networks

Entertainment: Sound Awake has established relationships both nationally and locally, across artist management, promoters, booking agencies and artists. This gives us the opportunity to negotiate performances, demonstrations and appearances.                            Media: We also work closely with a number of publicists and media suppliers to provide strategic marketing and publicity campaigns, tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

All AboutThe ArtistsWe Represent

Nikhil J Menon

Born in Thiruvananthapuram, he shuttled between the capital city and Kochi till his class 12 owing to his father’s job. He completed his graduation in hotel management from Aurangabad and later worked in Bangalore with two companies in the sales and marketing section. In 2013 he came to Kochi and joined Springr Café and Studios in Mattanchery where he worked as their café manager and did menu planning and execution…


Rocazaurus is a unique rock band. Just like dinosaurs, the genre pure rock is also getting extinct. We are not going to stand aside watch it turn into fossil. So Rocazaurus is the few among the last to keep up the spirit of rock. Musically upfront with hard rock and general metal. The band is enjoying the good times of music wonders and rediscovering process of rocking out.…

Mushroom Lake

Mushroom Lake compose instrumental music with a heavy leaning towards post- rock mixed in a potion made of influences from psychedelic, alternative and other experimental genres. The core of the band's music is based on an idea of vocal-less rhythms which build up the mood slowly and enable listeners to travel along with the grooves over sustained period of time. This particular hold of rhythms most often act as a…

All The Fat Children

So.. (somewhere near June 2008 I think) Eben Johnson tired of the Page 3 way of life, decided that enough was enough and decided to do something concrete with his life which included some religion if you may. So he decided to form a band!! WooHoo...Not quite!! He called upon the services of Jerry "The Orphan" to play drums and soon found Vicky who was at the time in spitfire.…


Agam is a genre defining carnatic progressive rock act from bangalore, india. Agam derives its name from the ancient tamil word which translates to 'the inner self'. Agam released their highly successful and critically acclaimed debut album "The inner self awakens" in 2012 and has extensively toured the Middle east, Southeast Asia and India.

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