So.. (somewhere near June 2008 I think) Eben Johnson tired of the Page 3 way of life, decided that enough was enough and decided to do something concrete with his life which included some religion if you may. So he decided to form a band!! WooHoo…Not quite!! He called upon the services of Jerry “The Orphan” to play drums and soon found Vicky who was at the time in spitfire. After some persuasion with a little food and drink from the cafeteria and Food court, he convinced Vicky to join as The Bass Player!! After a few days of jamming, Jerry started losing interest (apparently the band outranked him in terms of fatness!!). We decided to call ourselves All The Fat Children, Jerry left soon after!! Sam was found at a gig through a band we knew, which would be Slain (Bless their Souls)!! And within a week and a half, we jammed and jammed and jammed……etc etc…Till we thought our limbs would drop, praying to the lord that we get to keep them after the gig as well!! After a few rehearsals, the band played their debut show. Since then, the band has been playing at all available shows in bangalore and the rest of India!! Sachin replaced Sam, as he had gone on to other ventures.

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