Born in Thiruvananthapuram, he shuttled between the capital city and Kochi till his class 12 owing to his father’s job. He completed his graduation in hotel management from Aurangabad and later worked in Bangalore with two companies in the sales and marketing section.

In 2013 he came to Kochi and joined Springr Café and Studios in Mattanchery where he worked as their café manager and did menu planning and execution for 12 music events. It is there that he met Baiju Dharmajan, former lead guitarist of Motherjane, and started performing as the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate (2013). That was around the time he met Venugopal too.

In October last year, Nikhil launched his band, Counter Clockwise (with bass guitarist Rashik M.S. and drummer Sibin Paul K) and released the single ‘Lullaby’. The rest of his music trip was on track. He is keeping his fingers crossed as D-day is here. However Nikhil is on cloud nine because of the director’s confidence in a newcomer like him. “He told me that I should take full responsibility of my work. The work was challenging in that I am not used to working within a time frame. I am very particular about lyrics of a song and I am comfortable with English lyrics, that too which I have written. I give a lot of thought to my lyrics, which has much to do with my reading habit. But I have never lyrically connected with Malayalam. So it was not easy composing the Malayalam number. But Venu chettan’s lyrics were so beautiful that it made my work easy. We are confident about the output since the mastering of the work has been done outside India by expert technicians,” he says.

Meanwhile he is buoyed by the vibrant independent music scene in Kerala. “Now there are a lot of opportunities for bands and artistes to perform. There is a genuine respect for good music and the musicians on their part are paying attention to having the best equipment to give the best result.

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