We’re back with a bang, this time with a sick lineup featuring-
Necrophilia (Death Metal)
Rip Off (Grindcore)
Abolish mornings (Hardcore punk, Power violence)
Nihilus (Technical Death Metal)
Brusque (Black Metal)
Blood Sucking Freaks (Grindcore)

Necrophilia is a 4 piece Death Metal band from bangalore. Infuenced by various genres and bands, supporting the metal scenes in bangalore since 2008.

Rip Off-
4 piece grindcore band from bangalore.
featuring pramod on vocals, Sourav on guitars, Nilesh on guitars, Vicky on Bass and Arindam on Drums.

Abolish mornings-
3 piece Hardcore punk violence band from bangalore.
Featuring Jake on Guitars, Vino on Vocals and Kevin on Drums.

Nihilus is a Technical-Death Metal band formed around October-2010 by Siddharth and Manu.They draw influences from bands such as Origin, Necrophagist, Decapitated, Nile to name a few.

Black metal band featuring former members of dark desolation. Featuing Snotty, Karthik, Dharni, Orphan

Blood sucking freaks
4 piece grindcore band from bangalore.

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